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We have divided Biology (the study of life) into nine sections because there are a lot of articles of interest to our audience. Birds, Dinosaurs, Mammals, Organisms, plants and "insects reptiles and fish" are mainly composed of articles about living things (or extinct things) in these categories. General Biology, Health and Medicine, and evolution and reproduction are articles about topics which run across a lot of different forms of life.

Abdomen Action potential Alternation of generations
Anatomy Animal Aquarium
Arthropod Binomial nomenclature Biodiversity
Bioinformatics Biological classification Biology
Biotechnology Brain Carnivore
Cell (biology) Cerebellum Chemical synapse
Chromatophore Creationism Cultivar
DNA DNA repair Ecology
Essential oil Evolutionary biology Extinction
Fauna of Australia Genetic code Genetics
Genus Herbivore Life
Mitochondrion Multiple sequence alignment Myco-heterotrophy
Nature Nitrogen cycle Nitrogen fixation
Organism Photosynthesis Photosynthetic reaction centre
Plant Plant cell Polymerase chain reaction
Portal:Biology Protein Seed
Sequence alignment Species Stem cell
The Mismeasure of Man Thorax Vertebrate
Vestigiality Virus Wildlife
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