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Aardvark African brush-tailed porcupine African buffalo
Alpaca Anteater Antelope
Ape Armadillo Aye-aye
Baboon Barbary lion Barbary macaque
Bat Bat-eared fox Bear
Beaver Bison Black-backed jackal
Black-footed cat Black panther Black rhinoceros
Black wildebeest Blue whale Blue wildebeest
Bobcat Bongo (antelope) Bonobo
Bontebok Boston Terrier Bottlenose dolphin
Bushbuck Bushpig Camel
Cape lion Cape porcupine Cat
Cattle Cheetah Chimpanzee
Common agouti Dik-dik Dingo
Dog Dolphin Dormouse
Earless seal Eastern gray squirrel Elephant
Elephant shrew Ethiopian wolf European badger
European pine marten Fallow deer Fox
Gaur Gazelle Gerbil
Giant eland Giant panda Giraffe
Goat Gorilla Gray wolf
Greater cane rat Grey seal Grévy's zebra
Hamster Hedgehog Hippopotamus
Homo erectus Homo floresiensis Horse
Human Humpback whale Hyena
Jackal Kangaroo Killer whale
Lion Lycaon pictus Mammal
Mole (animal) Mongoose Mongrel
Monkey Mouse Naked mole rat
Nicobar long-tailed macaque Okapi Otter
Pig Plains zebra Platypus
Polar bear Pony Porpoise
Portal:Mammals Pygmy hippopotamus Rabbit
Rat Red deer Red panda
Red squirrel Right whale Roe deer
Sheep Short-beaked echidna Shrew
Sperm whale Stoat Tasmanian devil
Tiger Vampire bat Vole
Wallaby Walrus Water buffalo
Weasel Whale Whale vocalization
White rhinoceros Wildcat Wildebeest
Wombat Yak Zebra
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