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African Grey Hornbill African Grey Parrot African Harrier-Hawk
African Jacana African Penguin Albatross
Amazon parrot Anatidae Archaeopteryx
Arctic Tern Bald Eagle Barn Owl
Bird Bird migration Bird of prey
Black-winged Stilt Black Robin Blue Jay
Blue Tit Booby Canada Goose
Cassowary Coal Tit Cockatiel
Columbidae Common Blackbird Common Chaffinch
Common Cuckoo Common Eider Common Firecrest
Common House Martin Common Kingfisher Common Nightingale
Common Pheasant Common Pochard Common Ringed Plover
Common Tern Common Whitethroat Common Wood Pigeon
Coot Cormorant Crimson-collared Tanager
Crossbill Crow Dodo
Domesticated turkey Dunnock Eagle
Elephant bird Elfin Woods Warbler Emperor Penguin
Emu Eurasian Blackcap Eurasian Bullfinch
Eurasian Collared Dove Eurasian Eagle-Owl Eurasian Jay
Eurasian Oystercatcher Eurasian Skylark Eurasian Sparrowhawk
Eurasian Wigeon European Goldfinch European Green Woodpecker
European Greenfinch European Herring Gull Falcon
Feather Fieldfare Flamingo
Galah Gentoo Penguin Goldcrest
Golden Eagle Goose Great Auk
Great Black-backed Gull Great Bustard Great Cormorant
Great Spotted Woodpecker Great Tit Gull
Hawfinch Hawk Helmeted Guineafowl
Heron House Sparrow Indian Peafowl
Indian Vulture Ivory-billed Woodpecker Kakapo
Kestrel Kite (bird) Kookaburra
Kākāriki List of extinct birds Long-tailed Tit
Magellanic Penguin Magpie Mallard
Mistle Thrush Moorhen Nene (bird)
Nuthatch Osprey Ostrich
Owl Parrot Passenger Pigeon
Peafowl Penguin Peregrine Falcon
Picinae Pied Avocet Pink Pigeon
Plover Poultry Puffin
Raven Red Kite Redwing
Reed Bunting Rock Bunting Rock Dove
Rook (bird) Rose-ringed Parakeet Saxicola
Shelduck Snow Goose Snowy Owl
Song Thrush Southern Rockhopper Penguin Sparrow
Spotted Flycatcher Starling Swallow
Swan Swift Tawny Owl
Tern Thrush (bird) Treecreeper
Tufted Duck Turkey (bird) Vulture
Wader Western Jackdaw White Cockatoo
White Wagtail Whooping Crane Wren
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