Sponsor a child in Northern Cyprus

Cypriot childrenNorthern Cyprus is recognised only by Turkey as a separate state. Sadly, children are often the biggest victims of the troubled political situation here. SOS Children has worked to help children in Northern Cyprus since 1993.

You can help vulnerable children in Northern Cyprus by sponsoring a child with SOS Children:

Sponsor a child in Northern Cyprus

An economy limited by political tension

The people of Northern Cyprus suffer because of the long-standing political dispute with the Republic of Cyprus. The economy is largely dependent on trade with Turkey, which provides the overwhelming majority of exports as well as imports. Employment is increasingly hard to find, with more than one in 10 out of work. Worryingly, joblessness is much higher among 15-24 year olds at nearly a third of the workforce.

A neglected generation

Because only Turkey recognises Northern Cyprus's existence as a separate state, it is often hard to obtain international funding for charitable work in the country. This means that many children lack support which might otherwise be available to them. Many families are newly arrived in Northern Cyprus, and when things go wrong, lack the support network for financial survival. This puts children at risk of losing their parents, and when they do the stigma of entering care can be hugely damaging. Rarely are children able to return to their natural families.

Northern Cyprus mapOur Work in Northern Cyprus

SOS Children began discussions in Northern Cyprus in 1989.With  no clear strategy on childcare, the SOS approach would  provide a valuable example for policy-makers to follow.


At present, SOS Children's only projects in the country are in the capital city of Nicosia, known as Lefkosa to the Turks. It is the only divided capital city in the world.

Our first project here was a nursery in September 1993. With four classrooms and two assembly rooms, it serves children living in the Village as well as those from the local area.

The Village itself opened Children from Lefkosa, Cyprus in December of the same year. A number of family houses provide homes for many children who would otherwise have no one to care for them.

In 2007, SOS Children began a Family Strengthening Programme to support vulnerable families in need of support to remain together.

Local contact

SOS Children's Village Association of T.R.N.C.
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Northern Cyprus
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e-mail: info@soscocukkoyu.org


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