Sponsor Africa

Sponsor Africa

People who sponsor our work in Africa or give a Pound for Africa help the continent develop into a place where every child can grow up happy and fulfilled. Far from being an idle dream for the future, it begins with helping children in Africa now.

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Pound for Africa

A small regular contribution is an effective way to make a long-term difference to our charity work in Africa.

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Pound for Africa

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Sponsor a child in Africa

We offer child sponsorship across Africa. You can make a difference to a child's life and see the result as they grow up.

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£100 a month

Sponsor Africa

By sponsoring our work in Africa, you will become a substantial supporter of our work across the continent.

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We give hope to African children by providing a family upbringing for young people with no one, and education, medical care and support to fragile families. Many families are devastated by AIDS and countless children grow up without their parents as a result of the disease. We work to ensure these children have the help they need for the best possible upbringing.

Will you give a Pound for Africa every week or Sponsor an African child for £20 a month? Or perhaps you’re ready to become a substantial supporter of our work in Africa by donating £100 a month.

Many children in Africa are growing up with a bright future thanks to SOS Children. We help children in over 40 countries across the continent. With our support, families stay together and children who have lost their parents get an SOS mother and a loving family.

Yet many more children need help. We are reaching out to children all the time, helping those in desperate poverty live a better life. If you choose to support our work, you will be helping a charity with decades of experience and local knowledge of Africa.

We believe supporting our charity is one of the best ways to help children in Africa. Thank you for considering our work and thinking of children in Africa.


With SOS Children, all sponsored children get a loving family, food, medical care and education from the charity.