Sponsors' experience of Child sponsorship

Do you want to find out more about what it means to be a child sponsor before you make your decision? Here we collect a number of testimonials from our supporters, sponsoring in many different countries around the world.

SOS Nursery School Harare ZimbabweChild sponsorship testimonial from Zimbabwe

This is the story of Marcia, who started sponsoring with us in Zimbabwe in 2010:

"After watching Zimbabwe's Forgotten Children on the BBC, I contacted SOS Children and started sponsoring a child in Zimbabwe last year.

I then visited a village in Harare when I was there over Christmas and I must tell you it was a wonderful experience, the work they are doing there is amazing. They look after children until they are independent adults. The tender love and care these mums are able to provide is very moving. I met a mum who had been working at this village for 27 years. Imagine how many children she has looked after. They also have a nursery school, infant school and primary school in their premises (everything is super organized!) and they help the local community. They also have good medical assistance for the children with HIV/AIDS.

I could speak forever as I was so impressed by your programme.


Testimonials from around the World

If you'd like to find out more about people's personal experiences of child sponsorship, we have been sent more testimonials from people who sponsor in different countries around the world, many of whom have visited or stayed in contact with their sponsored child. Click on the continent you want to find out about to read more testimonials about sponsoring a child with SOS Children:

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Testimonials from Americas:

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Testimonials from Europe:

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Testimonials from Asia:

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Thanks to all of our supporters who have kindly offered these testimonials for us to use.

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