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Engineering is the application of science, technology, mathematics, art, and practical experience to the design and production of objects, tools or processes. Professional practitioners of engineering are called engineers. Engineers design and build aircraft (Aerospace), roads and buildings (Civil / Structural), computers and electronics (Electrical), machines and vehicles (Mechanical), medical devices (Biomedical), systems to clean up pollution (Environmental), agricultural equipment and processes (Agricultural), processing plants (Chemical), new materials (Materials) and much, much more. Without engineering, the world would be a very different place.

Alternating current Amplifier Automated teller machine
Axe Binoculars Biodiesel
BlackBerry Bluetooth Bridge
Button Canal Channel Tunnel
Chepstow Railway Bridge Chernobyl disaster Civil engineering
Clifton Suspension Bridge Clock Contact lens
Corrosion Crash test dummy Dam
Damascus steel Eifel Aqueduct Electrical engineering
Electron beam welding Electronics Engineering
Enigma machine Eurostar Falkirk Wheel
Forth Bridge Forth Road Bridge Gas metal arc welding
Gas tungsten arc welding Glass fiber Glasses
Great Western Railway Hawk-Eye Hoover Dam
Hovercraft International Space Station Jet engine
Krag-Jørgensen Lightning rod London Underground
London sewerage system Materials science Mechanical engineering
Metallurgy Microscope Mobile phone
Network Rail Nuclear power Optical fiber
Optical microscope Optical telescope Parachute
Phonograph cylinder Photovoltaic array Pump
Radar Radio Radio telescope
Rail transport in India Screw Semiconductor device
Shielded metal arc welding Ship Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
Space Shuttle Columbia disaster Space exploration Steam engine
Telecommunication Telephone Telephone exchange
Telescope Television Three Gorges Dam
Three Mile Island accident Tower Bridge Transport
Typewriter Watch Weapon
Welding Wheel Wood
Woodworking Wrench iPod
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