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English: Extract and symbol key from an alchemical text - Kenelm Digby A Choice Collection of Rare Secrets (1682)

Take reddiſh rich Virgin Earth in ♈, impregnate it with ☉, ☽, ſerene and dew, till the end of May: Then imbibe ſprinklingly with dew gathered in May, and dry in ☉, expoſe all Night to the ☽ and Air, ſecuring it from Rain. Still when it is dry, imbibe and turn the Earth often. Continue this till 🝞mation. The hot ☉ (eſpecially in the Dog-days) will make a pure Salt ſhoot up, which mingle back into the Earth, by turning it all over. Then diſtill by graduated 🜂 as A.F. forcing all the Spirits[...]

An Explication of the Charac͡ters which are uſed in this Book.

☉ Gold.
☽ Silver.
♂ Iron.
☿ Mercury.
♃ Jupiter.
♀ Venus.
♄ Lead.
🜬 Antimony.
🜹 Sal Ammoniac.
A.F. Aqua Fortis.
A.℞. Aqua Regis.
S.V. Spirit of Wine.
🝞 Sublimate.
🝟 Precipitate.
🝛 Amalgama.
🜄 Water.

🜂 Fire.
Español: Extracto y clave de símbolos de un libro sobre alquimia del siglo XVII. Los símbolos blauna sorcuna correspondencia unívoca con los usados en la astrología de la época.
Date 1682
Source The image is a combination of two scanned portions of the book Wing_D1426 from Early English Books Online


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