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English: A rare image of the three flags of the Republic of China together. At centre, the first national flag (see Image:Flag of the Republic of China 1912-1928.svg), at left the army flag (see Image:Chinese-Army-Wuhan-Flag-1911-1928 dots19.svg), and at right the Sun Yat Sen flag (now the flag of Taiwan) (see Image:Flag of the Republic of China.svg).
Underneath the picture is the slogan "Long live the republic!" (共和萬歲, in traditional right-to-left single-character column order).
Date Before 1930s (probably before 1929)
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Found on page 1 of Made in China by Reed Darmon, Chronicle Books LLC, 2004, ISBN: 0-8118-4202-9,
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Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg

Flag of the Republic of China.svg
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