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Based on Image:Tree of life bahir hebrew.png under free license by PuckSmith. Created in GIMP (Portable) by Eliyak.

This image is used in Template:Sefirot.

Note: This Tree does not accurately represent traditional kabbalah in that it contains 11 equal spheres, at the same time. Sefer Yetzirah states (SY 1:3) that the Tree is "Ten Sefirot of nothingness: Ten, not nine, and not eleven." The mistake of the Tree in this image is that both Da'at and Malkut appear in full manifestation simultaneously. In an imperfect (fallen) Tree, Da'at becomes Malkut. In a perfect Tree, Malkut goes back up (and appears in the image) to its original position of Da'at, representing a Garden of Eden state, a state of non-duality. This present image represents both states at the same time and is thus misleading as far as traditional kabbalah is concerned and should be changed.

Furthermore: This tree doesn't show the paths between Malkut and Hod or Malkut and Netzach. Additonally, the Hebrew letters are all kinds of out of order on the paths between the Sefirot. Frankly, this image needs to be removed. [1] [2]



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