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Česky: Platinový nuget (rozměry cca 35 × 23 × 14 mm, hmotnost cca 112g, naleziště důl Konďor, Konďorské hory, Chabarovský kraj, Ruská federace).
Deutsch: Platin Nugget, gediegen, Fundort: Konder Mine Region Chabarowsk,Russland. Größe ca. 35 × 23 × 14 mm, Gewicht ca. 112g. Sammlung: M.R.
Ελληνικά: εγγενές ψήγμα λευκόχρυσου, περιοχή ορυχείου Konder, Κράι Χαμπάροβσκ, Ρωσία. Μέγεθος περίπου 35 Γ ? 23 Γ ? 14 χιλ., βάρος περίπου 112 ραμμάρια = 3,6 ουγγιές. Συλλογή: M.R.
English: native Platinum nugget, locality Kondyor mine, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia. Size ca. 35 × 23 × 14 mm, weight ca. 112g = 3.6 oz. Collection: M.R.
Français : Pépite de Platine natif, provenant de la mine Konder, Kraï de Khabarovsk (Russie). Taille : 35 × 23 × 14 mm, masse : 112g.
Italiano: Una pepita di platino nativo (ca. 35 × 23 × 14 mm; peso ca. 112 g) estratta in una miniera del massiccio di Kondër nel Kraj di Chabarovsk, in Russia. Collezione: M.R.
Polski: Samorodek platyny z kopalni w masywie Kondjor ( Kraj Chabarowski, Rosja). Wymiary ok. 35 × 23 × 14 mm, masa ok 112 g. Kolekcja M. R.
Date 27 February 2010
Source Own work
Author Alchemist-hp ( talk) (

Object location

57° 35′ 18.90″ N, 134° 39′ 4.26″ E

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Camera Model Canon 5D Mark II
Lens Canon EF 100mm
Notes made by focus stacking software from 9x single shots
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English: native Platinum nugget, locality Kondyor mine, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia. Size ca. 35 × 23 × 14 mm, weight ca. 112g = 3.6 oz. Collection: M.R.


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