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This is a dramatized scene from Pompeii: The Last Day

Vesuvius, as it appears from Pompeii.

There is significant dramatic license taken in this recreation. In this scene, for example, it appears that Vesuvius is on the outskirts of Pompeii, when in reality it was 10 km (6 miles) away. A true view of Vesuvius from Pompeii can be seen at right.

Also, the depiction of the Temple of Jupiter, facing the forum, and the Temple of Apollo, across the portico to the left, are inaccurate, and the shown state of the porticoes around the forum is also at least questionable. They all appear intact during this recreation of the 79 eruption whereas it is widely known that at least the Temples of Jupiter and Apollo had been destroyed 17 years before, during the 62 earthquake, and that they had not been rebuilt by the time the city was finally destroyed in the 79 eruption. The old forum was destroyed and there was work in progress at 79 for its reconstruction.jgfny4w3klt


These pictures, as well as several film clips and other relevant information, were given to Wikipedia by Crew Creative, the company charged with advertising the show in New York. We have written confirmation of that, and I called personally to clarify as well. They understand fully that the material is released under the GNU-FDL and Creative Commons licensing arrangements. The materials they have given us can be found here.

A quote from my letter to them:

One thing I must say though is that all of our material on Wikipedia is in the public domain and released under various licenses, including GNU-FDL and/or Creative Commons. Will Crew Creative be prepared to release these photos and film clips into the public domain under these terms?

Their written response (confirmed by phone) was:

All materials are available for use on your site - the photos and clips are free for you to use!

I explained that the material may be copied, and was told that this was fine. Danny 14:14, 21 Jan 2005 (UTC)

This image is copyrighted. The copyright holder allows anyone to use it for any purpose.
Media from the Discovery Channel's Pompeii: The Last Day, courtesy of Crew Creative, Ltd.


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