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Hypnotherapy and Alternative Treatments


Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to bypass the conscious analyzing mind and attempt to find the cause of a problem in the subconscious emotional mind.

Hypnotherapy works on the principle that most diseases and negative behaviors are rooted in the emotional mind and are chosen subconsciously to escape from a situation the client perceives as highly stressful. The hypnotherapy program combines classroom study with supervised practice and prepares students to become registered hypnotherapists. Alternative treatments use a number of different techniques to promote healing. These include nutritional, energy, color, and breathing therapy.

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Typical Course Work

This program typically includes courses in the following subjects:


King-Snohomish Area

Institute for Therapeutic Learning

Kerala Ayurveda Academy

Mindworks NLP

Reiki Training Program, The

Spokane Area

Hypnotherapy Institute of Spokane

West Side Area

Bellingham Technical College