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Course Chapters


Chapter 1: Old and Middle English Literature

 All Videos in Old and Middle English Literature

  1. Introduction to Medieval Literature: Old English, Middle English, and Historical Context
  2. Beowulf: Story, Characters, and Old English
  3. Introduction to Chaucer: Middle English and the Canterbury Tales
  4. The Canterbury Tales General Prologue: Style, Structure, and Characters
  5. The Knight's Tale and the Wife of Bath's Tale: Two Approaches to Chivalric Romance
  6. The Miller's Tale: Chaucer's Fabulous Fabliau
  7. The Nun's Priest's Tale: The Beast Fable of the Canterbury Tales
  8. The Prioress's Tale and the Pardoner's Tale: Chaucer's Two Religious Fables

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Chapter 2: The Renaissance in English Literature

All Videos in The Renaissance in English Literature

  1. Introduction to Renaissance Literature: Characterizing Authors and Works
  2. Introduction to Shakespeare: Life and Works
  3. Richard III: Fact and Fiction in Shakespeare's History Plays
  4. Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare's Famous Star-Crossed Lovers
  5. Julius Caesar: Shakespeare's Play vs. History
  6. A Midsummer Night's Dream: Summary, Quotes and Characters
  7. Twelfth Night: Themes, Quotes and Cross-Dressing Characters
  8. Hamlet: Beyond the Famous Soliloquy
  9. Othello: Racism and Shakespeare
  10. Shakespeare's King Lear: My Three Daughters
  11. Macbeth: Themes and Quotes from the Scottish Play
  12. The Tempest: Colonialism and Magic in Shakespeare
  13. Shakespeare's Sonnets: Reading and Interpreting the Major Poems
  14. Introduction to Christopher Marlowe: Biography and Plays
  15. Introduction to Edmund Spenser: The Faerie Queene and Sonnets
  16. Introduction to Ben Jonson: Poems, Plays and Shakespeare

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Chapter 3: 17th and 18th Century English Literature

 All Videos in 17th and 18th Century English Literature

  1. Introduction to 17th- and 18th-Century Literature: Major Authors and Works
  2. John Bunyan and Pilgrim's Progress
  3. Introduction to John Milton: Life and Major Poems
  4. Milton's Paradise Lost: Summary, Theme, and Quotes
  5. Introduction to Alexander Pope: Biography, Essays and Poems
  6. The Rape of the Lock: Pope's Mock Heroic Poetry
  7. Restoration Comedy: Theatre of the 1700s
  8. Introduction to Daniel Defoe: Biography and Major Works
  9. Robinson Crusoe: Summary and Themes
  10. Introduction to Jonathan Swift: Biography, Gulliver and a Modest Proposal
  11. Samuel Richardson: Biography, Pamela and the Epistolary Novel
  12. Ann Radcliffe and Gothic Literature

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Chapter 4: Romantic Prose in English Literature

All Videos in Romantic Prose in English Literature

  1. Introduction to Romantic Prose: Overview of Authors and Works
  2. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Literature vs. Film
  3. Emily and Charlotte Bronte: Sisters and Authors
  4. Jane Eyre: Summary, Characters and Analysis
  5. Wuthering Heights: Plot Overview and Character Analysis
  6. Introduction to Sir Walter Scott: Works of Historical Fiction
  7. Jane Austen: Biography and Major Novels
  8. Pride and Prejudice: Plot and Character Analysis


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Chapter 5: Romantic Poetry in English Literature

 All Videos in Romantic Poetry in English Literature

  1. Introduction to Romantic Poetry: Overview of Authors and Works
  2. Samuel Taylor Coleridge: Poems and Biography
  3. Rime of the Ancient Mariner: Summary and Analysis
  4. Kubla Khan by Coleridge: Analysis and Summary
  5. Lord Byron: Poems and Biography
  6. Byron's Don Juan: Summary, Quotes and Analysis
  7. Biography of Percy Shelley
  8. Percy Shelley's Ozymandias: Analysis and Themes
  9. Ode to the West Wind by Shelley: Analysis and Summary
  10. John Keats: Poems, Biography and Quotes
  11. On First Looking into Chapman's Homer: Poem by John Keats
  12. Ode on a Grecian Urn by Keats: Analysis and Summary
  13. Ode on Melancholy by Keats
  14. William Wordsworth: Poetry and Biography
  15. Lines Composed a Few Miles Above Tintern Abbey by Wordsworth
  16. William Blake: Poems, Quotes and Biography
  17. Songs of Innocence and Experience by Blake

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Chapter 6: Victorian Literature

 All Videos in Victorian Literature

  1. Introduction to Victorian Literature: Overview of Themes, Style, and Authors
  2. Introduction to Charles Dickens: Works, Style, and Influence
  3. A Tale of Two Cities: Dickens' Novel of the French Revolution
  4. Dickens' Great Expectations: Plot, Characters, and Social Class
  5. David Copperfield: Dickens' Bildungsroman
  6. Oliver Twist: Plot and Characters in Dickens' Social Novel
  7. Introduction to George Eliot: Life and Major Works
  8. Middlemarch: Eliot's Novel of Provincial Life
  9. Introduction to Robert Browning: Life and Poems
  10. My Last Duchess: Browning's Poetic Monologue
  11. Introduction to Alfred Lord Tennyson: Life and Major Poetic Works
  12. Tennyson's In Memoriam, A.H.H.: Overview of 'In Memoriam' Stanzas
  13. Tennyson's Ulysses: A Victorian Take on Greece
  14. Introduction to Gerard Manley Hopkins: Devout Catholicism and Sprung Rhythm

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Chapter 7: Turn-of-the-Century Literature

All Videos in Turn-of-the-Century Literature

  1. Introduction to Oscar Wilde: Plays, Novels, and Sexuality
  2. The Picture of Dorian Gray: Plot, Characters, and Vanity
  3. Introduction to George Bernard Shaw: Life and Major Plays
  4. Introduction to Joseph Conrad: Novels and Colonialism
  5. Conrad's Heart of Darkness: Plot, Characters, and Style
  6. Introduction to W.B. Yeats: Life and Poetry
  7. Yeats' The Second Coming: A Poem of Postwar Apocalypse
  8. Introduction to E.M. Forster: Overview of Life and Works
  9. A Passage to India: Forster's Treatment of Colonialism

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Chapter 8: Modernism in English Literature

All Videos in Modernism in English Literature

  1. Overview of Literary Modernism: Authors, Context, and Style
  2. Introduction to T.S. Eliot: Author Background, Works, and Style
  3. The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: Overview and Analysis
  4. The Waste Land: Structure and Style Explained
  5. Introduction to Virginia Woolf: Life and Works
  6. Mrs. Dalloway: Analysis of Characters and Style
  7. To the Lighthouse: Overview of Style and Plot
  8. Introduction to James Joyce: Life and Evolution of Style
  9. Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man: Character and Epiphany
  10. Ulysses: Structure, Style, and Characters
  11. Introduction to Samuel Beckett: Life, Plays, and Novels
  12. Waiting for Godot: Plot, Characters, and Style
  13. Introduction to D.H. Lawrence: His Works and Controversy
  14. Even More Modernists: Pound, Stein, and Mansfield

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Chapter 9: Literary Terms and Analysis

All Videos in Literary Terms and Analysis

  1. Overview of Literary Periods and Movements: A Historical Crash Course
  2. Introduction to Literary Theory: Major Critics and Movements
  3. Glossary of Literary Terms: Poetry
  4. Glossary of Literary Terms: Prose
  5. How to Analyze a Literary Passage: A Step-by-Step Guide
  6. How to Answer Multiple Choice Questions About Literature: Test-Taking Strategies

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Chapter 10: Nonfiction in English Literature

All Videos in Nonfiction in English Literature

  1. Mary Wollstonecraft and William Godwin: Politics and Essays
  2. Philip Sidney and the Defense of Poesy
  3. John Ruskin: Victorian Thought and Criticism
  4. John Stuart Mill: Utilitarianism, Quotes and Theory

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