Business 101: Principles of Management


Chapter 1: Management Basics

Chapter 1

 All Videos in Management Basics

  1. Management in Organizations: Top, Middle & Low-Level Managers
  2. Managerial Skills: How Good Managers Promote Productivity
  3. Henry Mintzberg's Managerial Roles
  4. Four Functions of Management: Planning, Organizing, Leading & Controlling

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Chapter 2: Classical School of Management

Chapter 2

All Videos in Classical School of Management

  1. Classical Management Theory (1900-1930): Definition
  2. Bureaucracy: Max Weber's Theory of Impersonal Management
  3. Classical Scientific School of Management
  4. Fredrick Taylor & Management: Maximizing Productivity & Efficiency
  5. Gantt Charts & Bar Graphs: Henry Gantt's Contributions to Management
  6. Henri Fayol's Management Principles: Managing Departmental Task Organization
  7. Fayol's Theories on Staff Management and Worker Satisfaction
  8. Frank and Lillian Gilbreth's Motion Study
  9. Classical Administrative School of Management: Managing the Organization
  10. Mary Parker Follett: People-Oriented, Group-Network Management
  11. Chester Barnard: Informal Organizations and Acceptance Theory

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Chapter 3: Behavioral School of Management Theory

Chapter 3

All Videos in Behavioral School of Management Theory

  1. Neoclassical Theory of Management: The Human Relations Approach
  2. Behavioral Management Theory: Understanding Employee Behavior & Motivation
  3. The Hawthorne Effect: The Study of Employee Productivity
  4. The Needs Theory: Motivating Employees with Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
  5. Theory X & Theory Y: Two Types of Managers

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Chapter 4: Contemporary & Future School of Management Theory

Chapter 4

All Videos in Contemporary and Future School of Management Theory

  1. Modern Theory of Management
  2. Quantitative School of Management: Improving Managerial Decision-Making
  3. Operations Management: Focusing on Production Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction
  4. Management Information Systems: Using Data to Manage Operations
  5. Systems Management Theory
  6. Contingency School of Management
  7. Quality School of Management: Kaizen & Reengineering Approaches

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Chapter 5: Planning in Organizations

Chapter 5

All Videos in Planning in Organizations

  1. Planning as a Function of Management
  2. Types of Planning: Strategic, Tactical, Operational & Contingency Planning
  3. What is a SWOT Analysis?
  4. Company Mission Statements: Definition & Examples

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Chapter 6: Organizational Change

Chapter 6

All Videos in Organizational Change

  1. How Internal and External Factors Drive Organizational Change
  2. Types of Internal Organizational Change: Structural, Strategic, People, and Process
  3. Managerial Challenges Caused by Organizational Change
  4. The Planned Change Process
  5. Lewin's 3-Stage Model of Change: Unfreezing, Changing & Refreezing
  6. Kurt Lewin's Force-Field Analysis Change Model
  7. Kotter's 8-Step Change Model of Management
  8. Applying Kotter's 8-Step Change Model
  9. How Companies Become Learning Organizations
  10. Organizational Culture and Change

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Chapter 7: Organizing in Business Management

Chapter 7

All Videos in Organizing in Business Management

  1. Organizing as a Function of Management
  2. Organizational Design and Structure
  3. Mechanistic & Organic Organizational Business Structures
  4. Work Specialization in Organizations
  5. Authority in Centralized & Decentralized Organizations
  6. Types of Traditional Organizational Designs: Simple, Functional & Divisional Designs
  7. Types of Contemporary Organizational Designs: Matrix, Team & Network Designs
  8. Characteristics of Informal Organizations: The Grapevine & Informal Groups

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Chapter 8: Work Teams

Chapter 8

All Videos in Work Teams

  1. Groups, Mobs & Teams in Organizations
  2. Types of Work Teams: Functional, Cross-Functional & Self-Directed
  3. Stages of Group Development: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning
  4. Becoming a Cohesive Group: Using Team Building to Increase Group Cohesion
  5. Groupthink: Definition & Examples
  6. Team Conflict and the Work Process

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Chapter 9: Leading in Organizations

Chapter 9

All Videos in Leading in Organizations

  1. Leadership: Leaders & Their Role in Organizations
  2. Management vs. Leadership: The Difference Between a Manager & Leader
  3. Leading as a Function of Management
  4. Leadership Orientation: Task-Oriented & People-Oriented
  5. The Transformational Leader
  6. The Transactional Leader
  7. The Servant Leader
  8. The Laissez-faire Leader
  9. The Participative or Democratic Leader
  10. The Authoritarian or Autocratic Leader
  11. The Charismatic Leader
  12. The Situational Leader
  13. The Bureaucratic Leader
  14. The Blake Mouton Managerial Grid: Five Leadership Styles
  15. Personal Power: Referent and Expert Power
  16. Positional Power: Legitimate, Coercive & Reward Power

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Chapter 10: Leadership Theory

Chapter 10

All Videos in Leadership Theory

  1. Fiedler's Contingency Theory & a Leader's Situational Control
  2. Hersey-Blanchard's Model of Situational Leadership
  3. The Path-Goal Theory and Leadership Styles
  4. Machiavellianism in Organizations: Justifying the Means by the Ends

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Chapter 11: Motivation in the Workplace

Chapter 11

All Videos in Motivation in the Workplace

  1. Motivation Theory: Needs-Based & Behavior-Based
  2. The Pygmalion Effect: Influencing Employee Behavior
  3. Herzberg's Two-Factor Theory: Hygiene Factors & Motivation
  4. Alderfer's ERG Theory & Employee Motivation in the Workplace
  5. Acquired Needs Theory: Need for Achievement, Power & Affiliation
  6. Equity Theory of Motivation: Reward & Effort
  7. Vroom's Expectancy Theory of Employee Motivation
  8. Thorndike's Reinforcement Theory: Using Consequences to Motivate Employees
  9. Locke's Goal-Setting Theory: Using Goals to Advance Motivation
  10. Reward Systems & Employee Behavior: Intrinsic & Extrinsic Rewards
  11. Types of Job Redesign: Job Enrichment, Enlargement & Rotation
  12. How to Empower Employees & Improve Employee Performance
  13. Job Flexibility in the Workplace

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Chapter 12: Communication in the Workplace

Chapter 12

All Videos in Communication in the Workplace

  1. Managerial Communication
  2. The Communication Process
  3. Types of Communication: Interpersonal, Non-Verbal, Written & Oral
  4. Organizational Communication
  5. Conflict Resolution: Managing Conflict in Organizations
  6. Mediation & Arbitration: Third-Party Interventions in Organizations
  7. Perception, Bias & Interpreting Behavior

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Chapter 13: Controlling in Organizations

Chapter 13

All Videos in Controlling in Organizations

  1. Controlling as a Function of Management
  2. Organizational Controls: Feedforward, Concurrent & Feedback
  3. Financial Controls in Organizations
  4. Budget Controls: Top-Down, Bottom-Up, Zero-Based & Flexible Budgeting
  5. Marketing Controls: Market Research, Test Marketing & Marketing Statistics
  6. Human Resource Controls: Appraisals, Discipline, Observations & Training
  7. Computers and Information Controls in Organizations

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Chapter 14: Human Resources

Chapter 14

All Videos in Human Resources

  1. Human Resource Management: Hiring and Staffing
  2. The Hiring Process: How Human Resource Managers Recruit and Hire Employees
  3. New Employee Orientation: Function & Characteristics
  4. Assessing Training Needs of an Organization
  5. Types of Employee Training Programs
  6. Methods for Training Employees: Mentoring, On-The-Job & Job Rotation
  7. Human Resource Management (HRM): Laws & Regulations
  8. Terminating an Employee: Process & Best Practices
  9. Performance Appraisal and 360 Feedback
  10. Understanding Employee Compensation
  11. Function of Collective Bargaining

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Chapter 15: Strategic Management & Managerial Decision Making

Chapter 15

All Videos in Strategic Management and Managerial Decision Making

  1. The Strategic Management Process
  2. Business Environments & the Four Functions of Management
  3. The Decision Making Process for Organizations
  4. Decision Making for Managers: Certainty, Risk & Uncertainty
  5. Quantitative Decision Making Tools: Decision Trees, Payback Analysis & Simulations
  6. PERT Analysis & Project Completion

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Chapter 16: Production and Quality Assurance

Chapter 16

All Videos in Production and Quality Assurance

  1. Productivity, Quality, Profitability and the Role of Managers
  2. Five Principles of Total Quality Management (TQM)
  3. Implementing Total Quality Management (TQM) in an Organization
  4. Deming, Juran & Crosby: Contributors to TQM
  5. ISO 9000 Certification

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Chapter 17: International Management & Contemporary Issues

Chapter 17

All Videos in International Management and Contemporary Issues

  1. Managerial Functions in the International Organization
  2. Characteristics of the International Manager in Global Organizations
  3. Internationalization & Globalization of Businesses
  4. Managing in International Companies
  5. Regional Integration: Definition, Influence & Purpose
  6. Managing a Diverse Workforce in Contemporary Organizations
  7. Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Theory
  8. Business Ethics in Contemporary Businesses
  9. Social Responsibility in Organizations
  10. E-Business Enhanced and E-Business Enabled Organizations
  11. Creativity, Innovation, and Change and the Knowledge Economy

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