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Abbas I of Persia Adam Smith Agamemnon
Akbar Akhenaten Alcibiades
Alexander Hamilton Alfred Denning, Baron Denning Amda Seyon I
Attalus I Attila Augustus
Babur Benjamin Franklin Boudica
Breaker Morant Caratacus Cardinal Richelieu
Catherine the Great Charlemagne Charles Sumner
Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor Che Guevara Claudius
Cleopatra Cnut the Great Constantine the Great
Cyrus the Great Demosthenes Edwin of Northumbria
Eilmer of Malmesbury Elagabalus Elias Ashmole
Flinders Petrie Francis Drake Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor
Frederick the Great Genghis Khan Hannibal
Hasekura Tsunenaga Hatshepsut Helen of Troy
Henry Huttleston Rogers Hernán Cortés Ivan the Terrible
Joel Brand Johnny Appleseed Jonathan Wild
Julius Caesar Józef Piłsudski Kublai Khan
List of French monarchs Llywelyn the Great Louis XIV of France
Manuel I Komnenos Marie Antoinette Mark Antony
Mark Felt Napoleon Olaudah Equiano
Oliver Cromwell Otto von Bismarck Penda of Mercia
Peter the Great Philip II of Spain Qin Shi Huang
Queen Victoria Roger Elliott Romulus Augustulus
Rosa Parks Saladin Sarah Churchill, Duchess of Marlborough
Shaka Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Simón Bolívar
Sitting Bull Suleiman the Magnificent Susan B. Anthony
Thomas Robert Malthus Tiridates I of Armenia Vallabhbhai Patel
Walter Raleigh William Edington William Gilbert (astronomer)
William Wilberforce William the Silent Witold Pilecki
Yagan Yuri Gagarin Yuri Knorozov
Zara Yaqob Zhang Qian Zheng He
Áedán mac Gabráin Óengus I
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