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Aaswath Raman How we can turn the cold of outer space into a renewable resourse.mp4
Alan Eustace I leapt from the stratosphere.mp4
Alasdair Harris How a handful of fishing villages sparked a marine conservation revolution.mp4
Alejandro Duran How I use art to tackle plastic pollution in our oceans.mp4
Alex Gendler History vs Columbus.mp4
Alex Gendler How the world_s longest underwater tunnel was built.mp4
Alex Gendler_How tsunamis work.mp4
Alex Honnold How I climbed a 3,000-foot vertical cliff -- without ropes.mp4
Alex Rosenthal How Does A Pandemic End.mp4
Alex Rosenthal Which is better Soap or Sanitizer.mp4
Alicia Garzaand Patrisse Cullors and Opal Tometi Interview with founders of Black Lives Matter.mp4
Allan Jones A map of the brain.mp4
Allison Ramsey and Mary Staicu The accident that changed the world.mp4
Amanda Schochet How bumble bees inspired a network of tiny museums.mp4
Amane Dannouni How online marketplaces can help local economies, not hurt them.mp4
Amy Padnani How we_re honoring people overlooked by history.mp4
Andres Ruzo The boiling river of the Amazon.mp4
Andrew Bird A one-man orchestra of the imagination.mp4
Andrew Dent To eliminate waste, we need to rediscover thrift.mp4
Andrew Solomon Depression, the secret we share.mp4
Andrew Solomon How the worst moments in our lives make us who we are.mp4
AndrewForrest A radical plan to end plastic waste.mp4
Andy Puddicombe All it takes is 10 mindful minutes.mp4
Anees Bahji What is Schizophrenia.mp4
Angelica Dass The beauty of human skin in every color.mp4
Angelicque White What ocean microbes reveal about the changing climate.mp4
Anjali Tripathi Why Earth may someday look like Mars.mp4
Anne Madden Meet the microscopic life in your home--and on your face.mp4
Anthony Goldbloom The jobs we_ll lose to machines--and the ones we won_t.mp4
Aomawa Shields How we find life on other planets.mp4
Armando Azua Bustos The most Martian place on Earth.mp4
Arthur Benjamin The magic of Fibonacci numbers.mp4
Ashton Cofer A plan to recycle the unrecyclable.mp4
Ayana Elizabeth Johnson A love story for the coral reef crisis.mp4
Baratunde Thurston How to deconstruct racism, one headline at a time.mp4
Beau Lotto Cirque du Soleil.mp4
Beth Mortimer and Tarje Nissen Meyer The enigmatic language of elephants.mp4
Bhakti Sharma What open water swimming taught me about resilience.mp4
Billy Graham On technology and faith.mp4
Bina Venkataraman The power to think ahead in a reckless age.mp4
Boyd Varty What I learned from Nelson Mandela.mp4
Brene Brown Listening to shame.mp4
Brene Brown The power of vulnerability.mp4
Bright Simons To help solve global problems, look to developing countries.mp4
Bruce Friedrich The next global agricultural revolutiont.mp4
Cady Coleman What it_s like to live on the International Space Station.mp4
Camille Brown A visual history of social dance in 25 moves.mp4
Camille Seaman Haunting photos of polar ice.mp4
Caroline Weaver Why the pencil is perfect.mp4
Carolyn Jones A tribute to nurses.mp4
Cathy Mulzer The incredible chemistry powering your smartphone.mp4
Cathy ONeil The era of blind faith in big data must end.mp4
Cella Wright The sea creature breathes through its butt.mp4
Chad Frischmann 100 solutions to reverse global warming.mp4
Cheryl Holder The link between climate change, health and poverty.mp4
Cheyenne Cochrane A celebration of natural hair.mp4
Chris Anderson TED_s secret to great public speaking.mp4
Chris Kniesly History Through the Ears of Corn.mp4
Christer Mjaset 4 questions you should always ask your doctor.mp4
Christian Picciolini My descent into America_s neo-Nazi movement and how I got out.mp4
Christiana Figueres The inside story of the Paris climate agreement.mp4
Christine Porath Why being respectuf to your coworkers is good for business.mp4
Christopher Bahl A new type of medicine, custom-make with tiny proteins.mp4
Colin Powell Kids need structure.mp4
Cornielle Ewango A hero of the congo forest.mp4
Craig Kohn What are Stem Cells.mp4
Curtis WallStreet Carroll How I learned to read, and trade stocks, in prison.mp4
Dan Ariely How to change your behavior for the better.mp4
Daniel Goldstein The battle between your present and future self.mp4
Daniel Levitin How to stay calm when you know you_ll be stressed.mp4
Daniel Streicker What vaccination vampire bats can teach us about pandemics.mp4
Daniel Susskind 3 myths about the futureof work.mp4
Danielle N Lee How hip-hop helps us understand science.mp4
Danit Peleg Forget shopping, Soon you_ll download your new clothes.mp4
Danny Hillis Should we create a solar shade to cool the earth_.mp4
Daphne Bavelier Your brain on video games.mp4
Dave Brain What the planet needs to sustain life.mp4
David Asch Why its so hard to make healthy decisions.mp4
David Biello How the compass unlocked the world.mp4
David Bier How guest worker visas could transform the US immigration system.mp4
David Blaine How I held my breath for 17 minutes.mp4
David Camarillo Why helmets don_t prevent concussions-- and what might.mp4
David Christian The history of our world in 18 minutes.mp4
David Dow Lessons from death row inmates.mp4
David Holt The joyful tradition of mountain music.mp4
David Ikard The real story of Rosa Parks.mp4
David Katz The surprising solution to ocean plastic.mp4
David Kelley How to build your creative confidence.mp4
David Lee Why jobs of the future wont feel like work.mp4
David Steindl-Rast Want to be happy Be grateful.mp4
Dean Furness To overcome challenges, stop comparing yourself to others.mp4
Debbie Millman How symbols and brands shape our humanity.mp4
Deepika KurupA young scientist quest for clean water.mp4
Derren Brown Mentalism, mind reading and hte art of getting inside your head.mp4
DIY Neuroscience The real reason why Mosquitos buzz_2018V-light.mp4
DIY Neuroscience This computer is learning to read your mind.mp4
DIYN Neuroscience How Octopuses battle each other_2018V-light.mp4
Don Tapscott How the blockchain is changing money and business.mp4
Doris Kearns Goodwin Lessons from past presidents.mp4
Douglas Thomas How a typeface helped launch Apollo.mp4
Edward Snowden Here_s how we take back the internet.mp4
Edward Tenner Unintended consequences.mp4
Eldra Jackson How I unlearned dangerous lessons about masculinity.mp4
Elizabeth Cox What Is A Coronavirus.mp4
Elizabeth Gilbert Its OK to feel overwhelmed, here_s what to do next.mp4
Elizabeth Loftus How reliable is your memory.mp4
Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor Why it_s so hard to talk about the n-word.mp4
Elizabeth Wayne We can hack our immune cells to fight cancer.mp4
Elon Musk The mind behind Tesla, SpaceX, SolarCity.mp4
Elyn Saks The tale of mental illness- from the inside.mp4
Emeli Sande songs You are not alone, extraordinary machine, shine.mp4
Emma Belcher 3 questions we should ask about nuclear weapons.mp4
Emma Bryce How does the Immune System work.mp4
Emma Marris Nature is everywhere, we just need to learn to see it.mp4
Emmett Shear What streaming means for the future of entertainment.mp4
Eric Lewis Piano jazz that rocks.mp4
Erika Gregory The world does not need more nuclear weapons.mp4
Erika Pinheiro What_s really happening at the US-Mexico border.mp4
Estelle Gibson The true cost of financial dependence.mp4
Ethan Lisi What its really like to have autism.mp4
Fabien Cousteau What I learned from spending 31 days underwater.mp4
Fareed Zakaria How the coronavirus pandemic is changing the world.mp4
Finn Myrstad How tech companies deceive you into giving up your data and privacy.mp4
Frances Frei How to build and rebuild trust.mp4
Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly Be Passionate Be courageous Be your best.mp4
Gary Slutkin Lets treat violence like a contagious disease.mp4
George Takei Why i love a country that once betrayed me.mp4
Guy Philippe Goldstein How cyberattacks threaten real-world peace.mp4
Gwynne Shotwell SpaceXs plan to fly you across the globe in 30 minutes.mp4
Hannah Buerckstuemmer A printable flexible organic solar cell.mp4
Harry Cliff Have we reached the end of physics.mp4
Hasini Jayatilaka How cancer cells communicate and how we can slow them down.mp4
Heather C McGhee Racism has a cost for everyone.mp4
Helen Czerski The fascinating physics of everyday life.mp4
Helen Farrell What is Depression.mp4
Helen Fisher The brain in love.mp4
Henna Maria Uusitupa How the gut microbes you are born with affect your lifelong health.mp4
Herbie Hancock An all-star set.mp4
Herman Narula The transformative power of video games.mp4
Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim Indigenous knowledge meets science to solve climate.mp4
Hugh Herr How we_ll become cyborgs and extend human potential.mp4
Hyunsoo No How does Chemotherapy work.mp4
Ibram X Kendi How to build an antiracist world.mp4
Ike Ude The radical beauty of Africa in portraits.mp4
Ioannis Papachimonas How computers translate human language.mp4
Irina Kareva Math can help uncover cancer_s secrets.mp4
Ismael Nazario What i learned as a kid in jail.mp4
Jackson Katz Violence against women- it is a men_s issue.mp4
Jakob Magolan A crash course in organic chemistry.mp4
James Cameron Before Avatar...a curious boy.mp4
Jamie Oliver Teach every child about food.mp4
Jan Bill What is so special about Viking Ships.mp4
Jane Goodall How humans and animals can live together.mp4
Janelle Shane The danger of AI is weirder than you think.mp4
Janet Iwasa The wonders of the molecular world animated.mp4
Jared Diamond Why do societies collapse.mp4
Jarrell Daniels What prosecutors and incarcerated people can learn from each other.mp4
Jasmine Crowe What we are getting wrong in the fight to end hunger.mp4
Jeff Smith Lessons in business from prison.mp4
Jeffrey Siegel What makes muscles grow.mp4
Jennifer 8 Lee Why 1.5 billion people eat with chopsticks.mp4
Jennifer Zhu Scott Why you should get paid for your data.mp4
Jessica Ochoa Hendrix How virtual reality turns students into scientists.mp4
Jill Heinerth The mysterious world of underwater caves.mp4
Jim Hudspeth The beautiful mysterious science of how you hear.mp4
Jimmy Carter Why I believe the mistreatment of women is the number one human rights abuse.mp4
Johann Hari This could be why youre depressed and anxious.mp4
John Wooden The difference between winning and succeeding.mp4
Jon Gray The power of the Afro pick.mp4
Jonathan Rossiter A robot that eats pollution.mp4
Jonny Sun You are not alone in your loneliness.mp4
Joseph Gordon Levitt How craving attention makes you less creative.mp4
Joseph Ravenell How barbershops can keep men healthy.mp4
Joseph Redmon How computers learn to recognize objects instantly.mp4
Joshua Klein A thought experiment on the intelligence of crows.mp4
Juan Enriquez What will humans look like in 100 years.mp4
Julian Burschka What your breath could reveal about your health.mp4
Kai Fu Lee How AI can save our humanity.mp4
Kanawat Senanan How do hard drives work.mp4
Karen DeSalvo How tech companies can help combat the pandemic and reshape public health.mp4
Karen Lloyd The mysterious microbes living deep inside the earth-- and how they could help.mp4
Karin Oberg The galactic recipe for a living planet.mp4
Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu What your smart devices know and share about you.mp4
Kate E Brandt A world without waste.mp4
Kate Stafford How human noice affects ocean habitats.mp4
Kathryn Bouskill The unforeseen consequences of a fast-paced world.mp4
Kelli Jean Drinkwater-Enough with the fear of fat.mp4
Kelli Sandman Hurley What is Dyslexia.mp4
Kelly Richmond Pope How whistle-blowers shape history.mp4
Kelsey Leonard Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans.mp4
Kenneth Lacovara Hunting for dinosaurs showed me our place in the universe.mp4
Kevin Jones_Why curiosity is the key to science and medicine.mp4
Kostas Karpouzis Can machines read your emotions_.mp4
Krishna Sudhir How do cigarettes affect the body_.mp4
Kristalina Georgieva_How to rebuild the global economy.mp4
Kristen Marhaver Why I still have hope for coral reefs.mp4
Kristie Ebi How climate change could make our food less nutritious.mp4
Kristin Poinar What_s hidden under the greenland ice sheet_.mp4
Lara Durgavich An evolutionary perspective on human health and disease.mp4
Larry Brilliant A global pandemic calls for global solutions.mp4
Laura Boykin How we_re using DNA tech to help farmers fight crop diseases.mp4
Lauren Sallan A brief tour of the last 4 billion year(dinosaurs not included).mp4
Laurie Garrett Lessons from the 1918 flu.mp4
Lee Ann Renninger The secret to giving great feedback.mp4
Leila Pirhaji The medical potential of AI and metabolites.mp4
Lindsay Amer Why kids need to learn about gender and sexuality.mp4
Lindsay Malloy Why teens confess to crimes they didnt commit.mp4
Lindsay Morcom A history of Indigenous languages --and how to revitalize them .mp4
Lisa Bu How books can open your mind.mp4
Lisa Dyson A forgotten Space Age technology could change how we grow food.mp4
Lisa Kristine Photos that bear whitness to modern slavery.mp4
Liz Hajek What rivers can tell us about the earth_s history.mp4
Lori Gottlieb How changing your story can change your life.mp4
Louie Schwartzberg Nature Beauty Gratitude .mp4
Lucy Cooke Sloths! The strange life of the world_s slowest mammal.mp4
Lucy King How bees can keep the peace between elephants and humans.mp4
Madeleine Albright On being a woman and a diplomat.mp4
Madhumita Murgia How stress affects hour brain.mp4
Malcolm Gladwell The unheard story of David and Goliath.mp4
Marc Raibert Meet Spot, the robot dog that can run, hop and open doors.mp4
Marcelo Mena The economic benefits of climate action.mp4
Margaret Heffernan The human skills we need in an unpredictable world.mp4
Margrethe Vestager The new age of corporate monopolies.mp4
Marjanvan Aubel Solar democracy.mp4
Mark Applebaum The mad scientist of music.mp4
Mark Liddell How statistics can be misleading.mp4
Mark Ronson How sampling transformed music.mp4
Martha Minow How forgiveness can create a more just legal system.mp4
Martin Ford How we_ll earn money in a future without jobs.mp4
Mathias Basner Why noise is bad for your health--and what you can do about it.mp4
Matt Walker Sleep is your superpower.mp4
Matthieu Ricard The habits of happiness.mp4
Mei Lin Neo The fascinating secret lives of giant clams.mp4
Melody Smith_How bones make bloods.mp4
Mennat El Ghalid How fungi recognize (and infect) plants.mp4
Mia Nacamulli_What would happen if you didn_t drink water.mp4
Michael Stiff_Why is cotton in everything.mp4
Michel Dugon The secrets of spider venom.mp4
Miho Janvier Lessons froma solar storm chaser.mp4
Mike Brown The search for our solar system_s ninth planet.mp4
Mike Davis What causes opioid addiction.mp4
Mike Rowe Learning from dirty jobs.mp4
Mike Velings The case for fish farming.mp4
Mitch Resnick Lets teach kids to code.mp4
Morgan Vague These bacteria eat plastic.mp4
Moriba Jah The world_s first crowdsourced space traffic monitoring system.mp4
Nadine Burke Harris How childhood trauma affects health across a lifetime.mp4
Nadya Mason How to spark your curiosity, scientifically.mp4
Naomi Klein Addicted to risk.mp4
Naturally 7_ song A full band beatbox Fly Baby.mp4
Neha Narula The future of money.mp4
Nick Hanauer The dirty sectret of capitolism and a new way forward .mp4
Nicole Avena How sugar affects the brain.mp4
Niels Diffrient Rethinking the way we sit down.mp4
Nigel Topping We need to green the economy while restarting it.mp4
Nitish Padmanaban Automatically refocusing reading glasses.mp4
Noah Feldman Hamilton vs. Madison and the birth of American partisanship.mp4
Noah Wilson-Rich How you can help save the bees, one hive at a time.mp4
Noeline Kirabo 2 questions to uncover your passion.mp4
Noriko Arai Can a robot pass a university entrance exam.mp4
Norma Pimentel Restoring human dignity at the US southern border.mp4
OKGo How to find a wonderful idea.mp4
Olga Yurkova Inside the fight against Russia_s fake news empire.mp4
Paola Antonelli Why pasta comes in all shapes and sizes.mp4
Parag Khanna How megacities are changing the map of the world.mp4
Paul Greenberg The four fish we_re overeating--and what to eat instead.mp4
Paul McEuen and Marc Miskin Tiny Robots with giant potential.mp4
Paul Rucker The symbols of systemic racism and how to take away their power.mp4
Pearl Arredondo My story from gangland daughter to star teacher.mp4
Penny Chisholm The tiny creatre that secretly power the planet.mp4
Peter Calthorpe 7 principles for building better cities.mp4
Pico Iyer What ping-pong taught be about life.mp4
Poet Ali The universal languages of human being.mp4
Priya Parker How to create meaningful connections while apart.mp4
Prosanta Chakrabarty Genome Vs Ancestry.mp4
Raj Jayadev Community powered criminal justice reform.mp4
Randall Munroe Comics that ask what if.mp4
Raymond Wang How germs travel on planes.mp4
Reed Hastings How Netflix change entertainment--and where it_s heading.mp4
Reggie Watts Beats that defy boxes.mp4
Renee Lertzman How to turn climate anxiety into action.mp4
Renzo Piano The genius behind some of the world_s most famous buildings.mp4
Renzo Vitale What should electric cars sound like.mp4
Riccardo Sabatini How to read the genome and build a human being.mp4
Richard Ledgett The NSA responds to Edwards Snowden_s TED Talk.mp4
Rick Doblin The future of psychedelic assisted psychotherapy.mp4
Risa Wechsler The search for dark matter--and what we_ve found so far.mp4
Robert Waldinger What makes a good life, lessons from the longes study on happiness.mp4
Robin Hanson What would happen if we upload our brains to computers.mp4
RodrigoYGabriela An electifying acoustic guitar performance.mp4
Roger Antonsen Math is the hidden secret to understanding the world.mp4
Rose Eveleth The science of spiciness.mp4
Roselinde Torres What it takes to be a great leader.mp4
Ryan Gravel How an old loop of railroads is changing the face of a city.mp4
Sara Sanford How to design gender bias out of your workplace.mp4
Sarah Jayne Blakemore The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain.mp4
Scott Fraser Why eyewitnesses get it wrong.mp4
Scott Mellor How Thors got his hammer.mp4
Sean Davis Can we solve global warming_ Lessons form how we protected the ozone layer.mp4
Sebastian Junger Why veterans miss war.mp4
Shannon Lee What Bruce Lee can teach us about living fully.mp4
Shao Lan Hsueh The chinese zodiak explained.mp4
Sheperd Doeleman Inside the black hole image that made history.mp4
Shohini Ghose A beginner_s guide to quantum computing.mp4
Shohini Ghose A beginners guide to quantum computing.mp4
Shubhendu Sharma How to grow a forest in your backyard.mp4
Siddharthan Chandran Can the damaged brain repair itself.mp4
Simona Francese Your fingerprints reveal more than you think.mp4
Sinan Aral How we can protect truth in the age of misinformation.mp4
Skylar Tibbits A new way to grow islands and coastlines.mp4
Sougwen Chung Why I draw with robots.mp4
Stanley McChrystal Listen learn then lead.mp4
Stefan Al Why isn_t the Netherlands underwater_.mp4
Stephen Cave The 4 stories we tell ourselves about death.mp4
Stephen Hawking Questioning the universe.mp4
Stephen Webb Where are all the aliens.mp4
Steve Boyes How we_re saving one of Earth_s last wild places.mp4
Steve Silberman The forgotten history of autism.mp4
Steven Petrow 3 ways to practice civility.mp4
Stuart Oda Are indoor vertical farms the future of agriculture_.mp4
Suchitra Krishnan Sarin What you should know about vaping and e-cigarettes.mp4
Suleika Jaouad What almost dying taught me about living.mp4
Suzanne Lee Grow your own clothes.mp4
Suzanne Simard How trees talk to each other.mp4
Suzanne Simard The secret language of trees.mp4
Tabetha Boyajian The most mysterious star in the universe.mp4
Tara Houska The standing rock resistance and our fight for indigenous rights.mp4
Tarana Burke Me Too is a movement not a moment.mp4
Ted Halstead A climate solution wher all sides can win.mp4
Temple Grandin The world needs all kinds of minds.mp4
Thandie Newton Embrassing otherness embracing myself.mp4
Thasunda Duckett 6 ways to improve your relationship with money.mp4
Thomas Peschak Dive into an ocean photographers world.mp4
Tim Brown Tales of creativity and play.mp4
Tim Ferriss Smash fear, learn anything.mp4
Tim Ferriss Why you should define your fears instead of your goals.mp4
Tim Flannery Can seaweed help curb global warming.mp4
Tina Arrowood A circular economy for salt that keeps rivers clean.mp4
Tobacco Brown What gardening taught me about life.mp4
Toby Kiers Lessons from fungi on markets and economics.mp4
Tom Zimmerman and Simone Bianco The wonderful world of life in a drop of water.mp4
Trevor Timm How free is our freedom of the press_.mp4
Tricia Wang The human insights missing from big data.mp4
Triona McGrath How pollution is changing the ocean_s chemistry.mp4
Tristan Harris How a handful of tech companies control billions of minds every day.mp4
Ueli Gegenschatz Extreme wingsuit flying.mp4
Usman Riaz and Preston Reed A young guitarist meets his hero.mp4
Victor Vescovo What_s at the bottom of the ocean--and how we_re getting there.mp4
Vijay Kumar Robots that fly and cooperate.mp4
Wes Moore How to talk to veterans about war.mp4
Yaniv Erlich How we_re building the world_s largest family tree.mp4
Yeonmi Park What I learned about freedom after escaping North Korea.mp4
Yuval Noah Harari Nationalism vs globalism the new political divide.mp4

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