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When Your Dream Job Lets You Down

When your dream job lets you down

by Clayton

So you want a job that not only pays the bills but that also satisfies your ambitions and feeds your soul. You work hard to pursue this dream job, learning new skills, filling out job applications, and going on interviews as many times as necessary. And then one fateful day, you achieve your goal!

But after a honeymoon phase, there may come a time when the allure of this job wears off and your passion for it fades. So what do you do when your dream job, the prize you’ve earned after so much time and effort, doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped?

Watch the video below to learn some strategies for dealing with the disappointment you may feel when your dream job lets you down.

The painful discovery

When you got your dream job, you probably hoped it would be a positive place where your interests and aptitudes met your financial desires. Unfortunately, it’s also possible you found a problem: This job doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Perhaps you don’t like the work schedule or you have an unpleasant boss. Maybe you once enjoyed it, but the job has changed. Or maybe it’s simply not the opportunity you thought it was. Whatever the case, when you realize your dream job has let you down, the feeling can be devastating.

It’s OK to be frustrated over this discovery, especially after you put so much energy into chasing this job down. Be careful, however, because your disappointment can quickly spiral and make your job even more miserable. Although you may be tempted, try not to beat yourself up over it. Being disappointed by your dream job is surprisingly common. Besides, you’ll need to stay motivated if you want things to improve.

Moving forward

So your enthusiasm for your dream job has withered, but all isn’t lost yet. Figure out why you don’t like your job. Is it stemming from the work you’re doing, the work environment, or fatigue? Is it the lack of independence or the emotional burden it places on you? The sooner you figure out the problem, the sooner you can address it.

The solution may require a change in your workflow or a conversation with your coworkers or superiors. Hopefully, being proactive will fix the problem and help re-ignite your passion for this job you've wanted for so long. After a few conversations with the right people, your issues could be solved, revealing the dream job you fought so hard for.

But there’s also a chance you won’t be able to fix your problems, which means you may consider getting back on the job search trail. The thought of searching for a new job can seem daunting, especially if you just finished a long job search. However, the longer you stay in a job you despise, the more it will drain your passion and enthusiasm. For the sake of your happiness and professional fulfillment, don’t be afraid to chase down a new dream. It's always worth the hassle.

Sadly, some dreams don’t last. If the day ever comes where your dream job has turned into something less, take charge and remedy the situation, whatever the remedy might be.